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Sonar AS


Sonar AS is excellent for whole lake treatments. It is a selective systemic aquatic vegetation in fresh water ponds, lakes, reservoirs, drainage canals, and irrigation canals. It is important to maintain the recommended concentration in contact with the target plants for a minimum of 45 days.

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Sonar Q


Sonar Q quickly expands for an accelerated release providing better control in ponds with muck sediments and high organic content.

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Sonar RTU


Sonar RTU is for successful do-it-yourself weed control for ponds. Sonar RTU is a Ready-To-Use formula that controls most troublesome pond weeds. No mixing, no need for spray equipment or boat, simply add directly into the water from the shoreline.

Super SandMat


The frames are made of tough, rigid, “aluminized” steel.The mat materials are made from the same materials used to build highways on soft, unstable soils.

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Lake Weeds are cut and removed in minutes with the WeedRazer. Remove your Lake weeds or Pond Weeds in just Minutes with the WeedRazer®.