Bacterial Augmentation

Decreasing Organic Lake Sediment

Bacterial augmentation is a process whereby we apply a natural bacteria and enzyme granular product to a lake. The product is designed to decrease levels of organic sediment in lakes while reducing odors and improving water clarity. The pellets sink quickly to target muck on the bottom. The product is fish and wildlife friendly and does not contain any pathogenic bacteria. It contains 3 billion CFU/gram (Colony-forming units). The bacterial augmentation pellets are designed to sink quickly while maintaining their integrity until they reach the mucky bottom. Once on the bottom the pellet dissolves evenly and releases bacteria and enzymes (Lipase, Protease, Amylase and Cellulase) which begin digesting leaf litter, dead algae cells, grass clippings, dead plant matter and other components commonly found in organic lake muck sediment.


Bacterial augmentation is a slower process that’s accomplished over years but is much less expensive than dredging operations. We anticipate seeing 4-6 inches of organics reduction during the year when treated with 3 applications (June, July, and August). This service can be done by us as part of your lake management service and will be applied at the same time as the aquatic vegetation treatment.

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