Aquatic Herbicide Control

State Certified Applicators

Savin Lake Services Inc. is pleased to offer aquatic weed and algae management services to our pond customers.  Savin Lake Services aquatic weed control program utilizes safe and EPA registered aquatic herbicides that will control submerged weeds and algae.


Savin Lake Services offers many of the same aquatic management plans for any sized pond that is provided to larger lakes. These services also include the use of environmentally safe and effective herbicide and algaecide applications, water quality testing and biological control plans. Our certified professional staff will implement a properly balanced management plan to promote a healthy ecosystem for the aquatic environment or for recreational uses.


Herbicide Control consists of the use of environmentally safe and effective EPA, MDA, and EGLE approved aquatic herbicide or algaecide applications. Our experienced and state certified applicators will evaluate the aquatic plant or algae problem, prescribe an effective management plan and apply that management solution from our state-of-the-art equipped boats to prevent further growth. Herbicides used primarily to control algae may be called algaecides, even though they also kill other aquatic plants. For most aquatic weed problems, properly-used herbicides control vegetation without harming the fish. Aquatic herbicides are effective and commonly used means of controlling aquatic vegetation.

Aquatic Weed Control

Licensed & Insured

Savin Lake Services manages our business so that we may complete all our initial aquatic herbicide pond treatments between May 15th, and June 15th, depending on the weather, water temperature, and aquatic weed growth on a pond. We then treat each pond every 4 – 6 weeks during the summer. We feel that this management philosophy is very important. It insures that our customer’s pond are looking good for the entire summer season.


The products that we utilize for aquatic nuisance weed control are of the highest quality, and used in the safest manner possible. All products utilized are registered by the Federal EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and controlled by the Michigan EGLE (Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy). The required permits are issued by the Michigan EGLE, and Savin Lake Services will manage the application for these permits (at no additional charge). Savin Lake Services is licensed by the State of Michigan, and carries all required insurances. License and insurance will remain in effect to cover the entire treatment season. All the employees of Savin Lake Services are well trained and hold commercial certifications.

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