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Savin Lake Services sells and services a complete line of premium fountains and aeration systems.  We work with companies of the highest quality and product reputation such as Aquamaster Fountains and Airmax Ecosystems Fountains.  These companies offer excellent warranties and many of our field personnel are factory certified to maintain and repair fountains, display aeration systems, and bottom diffused aeration systems.  We also offer convenient annual fountain placement and removal services which gives us the opportunity to clean, test, and store your fountains during the winter.  This can keep your new fountains in top condition and can literally add years of service to your existing fountain population.


Aeration systems offer great benefits to pond water quality.  It is our belief that an aeration system will offer many long-term water quality benefits. Simply put, an aeration system oxygenates the water column. This enhances bacterial growth to better the water quality for the long term. The oxygenated water column will promote the bacterial decomposition of the organics (leaves, twigs, etc.) at a rate of 10X that of bacterial decomposition without air (anaerobic decomposition). Aeration will balance the dissolved oxygen level in the lake, and will prevent future oxygen depletion.


Aeration systems also aid in reducing stratification of the pond and prevent the formation of the thermocline, by constantly circulating the water column.

Oxygenate For Health

Allow Your Lake To Thrive

As you probably know, there are two conditions that are necessary for a healthy pond; (1) Sufficient oxygen and (2) adequate mixing of the water to reduce stratification so that the oxygen is uniformly distributed throughout the water column. Fish, vegetation, and other organisms do not only use dissolved oxygen, but it is also essential in the oxidation and bacterial decomposition of suspended organic material and bottom sediments. Under ideal conditions, natural forces can keep a lake healthy and aesthetically attractive, but unfortunately our lakes do not exist under ideal conditions. Water mixing, and movement is restricted. In the summer months, hot, hazy, and cloudy days worsen the situation because of lack of photosynthesis. Rain and irrigation water runoff carries organic debris, nutrients and other chemicals that consume oxygen.

An effective aeration system brings oxygen into the water, eliminates stratification, and increases circulation.  This makes the water at all levels able to support animal and plant life, control algae growth by limiting its food source, and aid in the decomposition of suspended organic material and muck on the bottom of the pond.

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