Aerial Drone Application

Save Time & Money

Aerial Drone Application allows us to perform Aquatic Herbicide Control or Bacterial Augmentation in areas that cannot be easily reached by motor vehicle or even by foot. Our FAA certified drone pilots can efficiently and safely eliminate nuisance plants like phragmities and many other terrestrial plants and shrubs. The drones can carry a payload of about 8 gallons and can deploy liquid or granular media at a rate of about 40 acres per hour.

The small size of the drones and low manpower requirements make it cost effective for Savin Lake Services to treat and manage ponds. Private pond owners and golf courses stand to benefit greatly from this service. Savin Lake Services can also treat for mosquitoes. The range and freedom of the drones opens up a lot of possibilities to treat things that are typically harder to access. They also require much less labor and time.

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