Mechanical Harvesting

Immediate Weed Removal

Mechanical Control is the use of an Aquatic Plant Harvester. Mechanical plant harvesters cut and removes the aquatic plants from the lake. This provides an immediate solution for lake weed removal, but not a permanent solution.


Savin Lake Services will provide all necessary labor and materials to provide aquatic vegetation harvesting services utilizing our own vegetation harvesters. Price includes removal and transportation of aquatic vegetation to a location within (5) miles of Lake.  Savin Lake Services will harvest to a maximum depth of 5 ft. where practical. Harvesting cannot be performed in areas with less than 18” of water depth. Savin Lake Services will make all reasonable efforts to harvest as needed between docks, and as close as possible to shorelines. For safety reasons, our harvesting crews will not harvest within (10) ft. of any boat/dock/raft etc. Please note that a suitable launch is necessary to launch and remove our vegetation harvesters from your water body. Our harvester/trailer combinations weigh between 11,000 and 22,000 lbs.

Lake weed removal has many benefits. Let Savin Lake Services make your lake more beautiful and safe. Eliminating unwanted lake weeds with make boat and animal traffic more efficient. It can also increase the health of the water quality which can help your fish population.

Precision Weed Harvesting

Immediate Improvement

Savin Lake Services will make every reasonable effort to remove our harvesters from your water body without additional charges. However, any additional costs associated for towing or removal of our vegetation harvesters due to poor launch conditions will be the responsibility of the customer.


Savin Lake Services will insure that the launch area is kept clean and raked at the end of each day. All Savin Lake Services harvesters utilize a marine grade hydraulic oil for safety. The MSDS sheets for this hydraulic oil will be kept on site during any harvesting operations. All Savin Lake Services harvesters are equipped with GPS guidance systems so that we can insure that we do not miss areas of harvesting on your lake. We will provide you a report at the end of each harvest which will indicate the exact area that we have harvested, and the total acres harvested.


Savin Lake Services harvesters will pick up and collect most of the cut vegetation, however, it is important to note that some “cut and drift” vegetation will normally wash to shore during harvesting operations. We will work hard to minimize that amount of cut vegetation that washes to shore, however, it will be the responsibility of the property owners to collect and dispose of any vegetation that cannot be captured by our vegetation harvesters.

We are the lake management authority

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