Well Keep Your Pond Crystal Clear!

Savin Lake Services offers many of the same aquatic management plans for any sized pond that is provided to larger lakes. These services also include the use of environmentally safe and effective
herbicide and algaecide applications, water quality testing and biological control plans. Our certified professional staff will implement a properly balanced management plan to promote a healthy
ecosystem for the aquatic environment or for recreational uses.

Fountains not only add beauty to any body of water, but they also increase water movement which provides some aeration to benefit the aquatic environment.  All healthy aquatic environments need oxygen to promote normal biological cycles. With proper circulation and aeration the amount of oxygen is increased at all depths.

Aerators help restore all bodies of water by oxygenating the water. This is achieved by circulating the cold water (with higher oxygen levels) from the bottom to the surface, replacing warmer water (with lower oxygen levels) from the top.

We are the lake management authority

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