Whole Lake Aeration Systems

Oxygenating Your Lake

Whole lake air aeration systems are an environmentally safe and effective water quality management tool which address a range of water quality issues.  Aeration systems oxygenate the entire water column which can significantly benefit the heath of your water and aquatic ecosystem.


Stratification is a natural process in which layers of water will form due to temperature changes from top to bottom.  Stratification, though a natural process, can aggravate many adverse conditions in your pond.  Stratification also endangers the fish population as the pond may turn-over where the oxygen deficient bottom layer flips with the top layer depriving the fish of needed oxygen.  Aeration breaks this dangerous cycle of stratification to lower nutrient levels and restore dissolved oxygen to levels safe for fish and other desirable organisms.


To achieve the full benefit of aeration, the system must be sized properly for the waterbody. Aeration will improve every aspect of your lake physically, chemically, and biologically.

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