Dock In & Out

We Can Handle Your Dock Needs

Savin Lake Services offers Dock & Hoist Installation and removal to customers in Iosco and Ogemaw counties.


Why struggle with the cold water and hassle of installing and removing docks and hoists yourself, when we would be happy to do it for you.  We have a very talented and committed group of employees who are excited to grow our business by adding additional services that are focused on making your life on the lake easier.


We offer additional services such as simple Dock Repairing, Dock and Hoist Transportation, and Hoist Canvas Installation.


If this is our first time servicing your dock and/or hoist(s), we request you be present at the time of installation or removal to help us verify the proper location(s) at which your docks and/or hoists are to be placed in the lake or on land for storage.  We will take numerous photographs of the site at the time of installation or removal.  This will ensure each time thereafter, you need not be present at the time of installation and so we can have the assembly plans and locations in our database for future installations and removal.


If you would like us to perform this service, or if you have any additional questions about this service, please call our office at (877)SAV-LAKE (877-728-5253).

Boat Storage

Trust The Professionals

Savin Lake Services is still offering Pontoon Storage Services to its customers. We will gladly remove your pontoon from the water and store it on our property located on 2nd Street in Hale, MI. After we remove your boat from the water, we can winterize the motor and shrink wrap it prior to storage. Once FALL arrives, we can wash, vacuum, and return your pontoon. This way, you will have a clean boat ready to be used at your dock or hoist eliminating all hassle and worries so you can enjoy your time on the lake. We also do on-site shrink wrapping! We have our own trailer, so if you don’t own one for your pontoon, don’t worry!

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