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Savin Lake Services offers a wide range of Lake Management Services, including Mechanical, Herbicide and Biological Controls, Water Quality Testing, Consulting, Fountains and Aeration Systems. We also have and use a variety of state-of-the-art management and sampling equipment, which includes the dGPS (differential Global Positioning System) receivers.

Mechanical Control is the use of an Aquatic Plant Harvester. Mechanical plant harvesters cut and removes the aquatic plants from the lake. This provides an immediate solution for the plant growth, but not a permanent solution.

Herbicide Control consists of the use of environmentally safe and effective EPA, MDA, and EGLE approved aquatic herbicide or algaecide applications. Our experienced and state certified applicators will evaluate the aquatic plant or algae problem, prescribe an effective management plan and apply that management solution from our state-of-the-art equipped boats to prevent further growth.

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