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What is Lake Dredging?

We live in a world that is constantly changing and lakes are no exception. Over time lakes fill up with sediment that needs to be removed. Without proper maintenance, silt, sand and organic materials will build up and cause horrible odors, scum, algae, discoloration and aquatic plant overgrowth.

Savin Lake Services believes that dealing with the problem at the source is the best method for ensuring lakes and ponds will be available and beautiful for future generations. Sure we can do some mechanical harvesting. It’s a great service that we provide for situations that call for it. We could even perform aquatic herbicide control or even some whole lake aeration systems. Those services are terrific and necessary for proper lake maintenance. But, some situations require a more complete solution like lake dredging. Getting down to the root of the problem will make for easier and more manageable maintenance in the future.

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Why Dredge a Lake?

Lake Dredging can also solve transportation problems. Sediments that build up over time can simply make a lake, river or channel more shallow. This inhibits boat traffic and can cause danger to people and animals. By removing this sediment we add safety and potential revenue to your property. Water traffic can move safely and efficiently through channels making people and animals happy.

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How does it work?

Our lake dredge machine has a large opening with a spinning head that mixings lake bottom sediments into a slurry. Aquatic plant material, sand, slut and muck are then pumped away into an elevated settling pond that we dig in advance to hold the slurry material. By the processes of hydrologic sorting, the slurry very quickly separates into dirt and water. You will see murky water transformed into clear water. The clear water on top runs down from the elevated settling pond to the lake. You are left with a beautiful lake that is ready for fun.

For more information on Lake Dredging, visit our Dredging Operations page.

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