Invasive SpeciesPlant Identitties

Leaves are green to grayish-green, flat and smooth. This is a perennial grass that can grow up to 15 feet tall. The flowers grow dense, branched clusters on the end of each stem that are open, and feathery at maturity. This is a native plant, but there is a strain of this species that is thought to be exotic or hybrid and it is quickly replacing the native strain in many areas.

Concern: Phragmites can be difficult to walk through, for humans and wildlife, obstruct landowner’s views, reduce native fish and wildlife populations, block out native salt marsh vegetation and can be a fire danger.

Phragmites is a nuisance Savin Lake Services can help. If you have a large scale removal project we can offer our Aquatic Herbicide Control service. If you have a small project involving a pond or ditch you can use our AquaNeat® product.

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