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Lake Management

Savin Lake Services offers a wide range of Lake Management Services, including Mechanical, Herbicide and Biological Controls, Water Quality Testing, Consulting, Fountains and Aeration Systems. We also have and use a variety of state-of-the-art management and sampling equipment, which includes the dGPS (differential Global Positioning System) receivers.

Mechanical Control is the use of an Aquatic Plant Harvester. Mechanical plant harvesters cut and removes the aquatic plants from the lake. This provides an immediate solution for the plant growth, but not a perminant solution.

Herbicide Control consists of the use of environmentally safe and effective EPA, MDA, and MDEQ approved aquatic herbicide or algaecide applications. Our experienced and state certified applicators will evaluate the aquatic plant or algae problem, prescribe an effective management plan and apply that management solution from our state-of-the-art equipped boats to prevent further growth.

Biological Control is the use of native North American Watermil Foil Weevils for an environmentally safe and natural Watermil Foil plant removal. Our state certified and experienced staff will evaluate the plant problem and determine the amount of Weevils needed to solve the Watermil Foil problem. Then as the plant growth goes down the Weevil population will lower to only what is needed to keep plant growth to a minimum. After hatching, all milfoil weevil life stages inflict some type of damage to EWM. Adult weevils feed on the stem and leaflets and females lay eggs on the meristem tips. Newly hatched larvae immediately forage on the new meristem leaves, destroying the growing parts of the plant. They then burrow into the stem, moving in and out down its length.

Savin Lake Services is the first one of a very elite group of service providers in the state of Michigan that have successfully installed full-lake Aeration Systems yielding incredible results.  Water Quality improvements and muck reduction have been documented annually and are available with our case studies.  We also carry of full line of AquaMaster fountains.

Dredging is another essential service in our fully-integrated lake management arsenal.  Feel free to contact us regarding any of these services.

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