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What is a Lake and Pond

Let's Get Technical

If a non-river/fresh body of water is greater that 10 acres it is called a lake. If it is 10 acres or less it is a pond. That was easy. They had to draw the line somewhere. With many things in life there are always exceptions and this line can be gray. Savin Lake Services has been dealing with both lakes and ponds for many years are we have discovered that lakes require more service. Why? You guessed it, because they are bigger. Below we will describe some of the services we can do for both lakes and ponds. Michigan gives us many from both categories and we are passionate about Preserving Our Lakes Today, for Our Generations Tomorrow.

Both lakes and pond require care. We have to add “work” to the equation so that we can do our best to overcome The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Don’t be intimidated by the fancy words. One of our goals is to educate our customers making you better informed and able to further appreciate Michigan’s bodies of water. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is just a fancy way of saying that if we don’t make an effort to maintain things, they go to pot. There. That wasn’t so bad was it?

Read on to see how Savin Lake Services conquers this law of physics.

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What do you do for ponds?

Ponds are generally smaller than lakes. Many of our customers like to approach their ponds with a DIY sort of attack. For this approach we generally like to start with a phone call and our consulting services and/or water quality testing. From there we point customers to our online store for products and blog for knowledge. We can assist you in making your pond the coolest ever! From weed control and getting rid of cat tails to aeration and fountains, we are your source for summer time fun, beauty and memories with family and friends.

One really special service we like to provide for pond customers is our Aerial Drone Application service. Savin Lake Services just loves to stay cutting edge with the latest technologies related to pond management. This is just cool. We fly a little aircraft over your pond to apply aquatic herbicides! We can get our T-130 Just about anywhere without tearing up your lawn or dragging heavy machinery through the woods. Our team of pilots sometimes need to pinch themselves as a reminder that their super fun job actually provides a huge service to our customers.

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What do you do for lakes?

We’re glad you asked! Lakes require us to really get out the big guns. Specifically, the Great Lakes require us to do a lot of dredging. We have three large hydraulic dredging machines that are active nearly everyday for 12 hours a day. We pump away sludge, muck and sand so that boats from the big lakes can get through canals and channels to rest safely in their docks. By the way, we do provide docks & hoists as well.

Weed control is the second largest service we provide for lakes. Either by Aquatic Herbicide Control, Bacterial Augmentation or Mechanical Harvesting, Savin Lakes Services can maintain and eliminate weeds. Through extensive scientific studies, we have found that if you provide enough Michigan summertime sun and plenty of water from Michigan’s lakes and ponds, the weeds will grow. Who knew?

The bottom line, weeds are a pain in the neck. They make things messy and slow things down. All you need to know is that we are ready, willing and able to help. Click the bottom below to start our relationship journey to prettier lakes and ponds.

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