Case StudyThe Sand Point Dredging Project - Case Study - Savin Lake Services

Savin Lake Services Case Study 24.3-Alpha: The Sand Point Dredging Project.

Sand Point Michigan, Spring 2024

Two boating communities, The Point West Association and the Point of Sand Point Association were saddled with a serious problem.

Saginaw Bay was encroaching into their canals making it impossible to navigate by boat from their canal side home to the bay. Sand bars, similar to the one you see here are the problem. Our mission: clear the canals and restore safe navigation to Saginaw Bay and beyond!

Meet Might Mac. This 20 ton barge moves over 100 tons of sand and silt every day.

From the powerful cutter-head on the front of the dredge, we turn a pesky problem into a beautiful new sandy beach for home owners over a half mile away!

We are the lake management authority

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