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Savin Lake Services Case Study 24.05-Beta – The Bay City Yacht Club Maintenance Dredging Project Bay City, Michigan. The Bay City Yacht Club. The main channel to the Saginaw River requires regular dredging to clear the waterway of sand, silt and debris left behind by the ebb and flow of the Saginaw river.

Savin employs a fascinating process to clear the channel, and protect the environment.

Meet “Might Mac,” a 20 ton dredge that moves 100 tons of sand and silt per day!

As our dredge clears the channel, the debris are pumped through a buoyed pipe-line until it reaches the shore. From there, we extended the pipe-line over land. We even create temporary bridges for vehicle traffic.

Next, the pipe-line continues to a massive holding cell. At this site, water and soil flows from one end of the holding cell to the other where gravity does the magic of separating the two. The water then flows to the next cell where it has additional time to settle. After that, the clear water flows back into the Saginaw River!

All this is accomplished with super low impact on boat and vehicle traffic!

We are the lake management authority

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