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4th of July - Savin Lake Services

A Brief History

Our founding fathers understood that private land ownership is the cornerstone of a free society. It promotes a certain pride of ownership and is a major factor in creating wealth and a strong economy. We see property ownership mentioned many times throughout our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is a big issue and many people fought, bled and died so that we could own property. On this 4th of July (a.k.a Independence Day) we celebrate the freedoms we have and we remember just how bad it was for our founding fathers. The 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were heavily persecuted, many to death! However, they all had one thing in common. They saw it necessary to escape from tyranny so the could start up a Free Nation and own private land.

When they arrived they saw huge amounts of beauty, natural resources and land! As we developed this land and distributed it to private citizens, we saw very quickly that private owners love to customize their property. Many had skills and resources on their own to do this. But, when they lacked these things they would look to their local community for help. This grew our young economy very quickly!

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Ponds Can Be On Private Land!

What a great thing! Everyone knows that waterfront property is typically more valuable and enjoyable than non waterfront property. Ponds allow even the land locked private property owner to have a small taste of sea life. On this July 4th we would really like our pond people to consider how great it is to have a pond. You can boat. You can fish. You can have a fountain and enjoy the relaxing and soothing sounds of water. You can even ice skate or play hockey on it in the winter months.

Just in doing research for this blog, this author has discovered the immense value that private land can play in our society. If you’re curious, read this article from Hillsdale College. It all makes sense. If you maintain or upgrade your pond, a few good this happend. You better the environment/ecosystems, you grow the local economy (BTW, Savin Lake Services keeps most of our business in the Great State of Michigan) and you increase your property value. Go you! Keep up the great work in celebrating Independence!

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How Can You Help Me With My Pond?

We have an Online Shop where you can purchase DIY pond materials. What better way to celebrate Independence Day in an Independent Nation then making your own decisions on your private property? We have weed rakes to remove algae and aquatic plants. We have mats to put under the water that make it easier to get to your watercraft. We can have Twin Bay Docks, Insta Docks custom made for you. We have a variety of Algaecides, Aquatic Herbicides, Pond Dye and muck reducer for you. Soon we will have fountains and aeration products available. Look for a blog on that this summer.

If you have other pond (or lake) things you need, we are here from you. Just scroll down that click the blue “Contact Us” button. We are here to make your pond look cool. Remember, by working on your pond you are actually celebrating July 4th and being a great patriot. Our founding fathers are proud of you. 🙂

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